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Construction & Project Management Actionable Data 

Ice Arena C_IA
  • Track Progress

  • Increase Productivity

  • Remote Site Surveys

  • Inspections and Mapping

  • 3D/2D Modeling

Our 3D modeling allows you to explore your sites. Fly through your project as if you are there. Reduce time and material cost with Actionable Data. Know what your looking for before you arrive

CAD overlay sample.JPG

Overlay your drawings to site. Ensure planning is on schedule and to spec.

Double check structural surfaces or obstructions. Inspect all areas for proper planning on installation or repair

Owens point cloud.JPG

Import project model Point Clouds right into Civil 3D, ArcGIS, AutoDesk, and more.


Owens 3D mesh.JPG

Hugely Dense Point Cloud

3D Mesh Over Point Cloud

Take off running with your projects and start making decisions quickly.


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